51 Business Listing Websites For Local Businesses

If you are a business owner, you should know and understand the importance of having your business listed in the top major search engines on the internet. With the competition being so fierce, those business owners who understand and take action will always win. Therefore, I have compiled a list of all the major platforms for you to list your business and start growing your fan base.

I come up with this list and started using it on some local businesses that I have worked with in the past. Since most of them provide free submission, I thought others would be interest in making use of them to bring more visibility to their business. Getting your business listed on as many online local directories as possible is the best and quickest way to make sure potential new customers find you when searching for products and services related to your business.

Before I start by sharing this list with you. I want you to know that this will not be an easy or quick task. It will require some effort and time on your part to go to each of those website and submit your business information.

Promote on search engines for Local Businesses

Basic checklist to follow when submitting your business those platform

  • NAP – Some of those platforms will on require the basic NAP for your business which is your business’s Name, Address & Phone number. Therefore, make sure that information is the same on all them.
  • Business Description – If you are allowed to submit a business description, take the time to make sure you write something meaningful about the services your business provide. DO NOT LEAVE IT BLANK. This is where you highlight your company’s history and services offered. BE CREATIVE!
  • Website Link – This one of the most important piece of information you MUST provide if your company has a website. This is a great way to drive more traffic to your website and help people who want to learn about your business discover what you have to offer.
  • Pictures And Videos – Majority of listing platforms allow businesses to post pictures and short videos about their services. Take on the opportunity and showcase your business best. Let the world know why they should care about your services or products.
  1. Upamile
  2. Google
  3. Bing
  4. Yelp
  5. Facebook
  6. Better Business Bureau
  7. Angie’s List
  8. Merchant Circle
  9. LinkedIn
  10. YP.com
  11. Whitepages
  12. Superpages.com
  13. Yellowbook
  14. CitySearch
  15. MapQuest/Yext
  16. Local.com
  17. Foursquare
  18. CitySlick
  19. USDirectory.com
  20. BizJournals.com
  21. TeleAtlas
  22. Discover Our Town
  23. EZ Local
  24. CityVoter
  25. Manta
  26. UsCity
  27. InfoUSA
  28. Infignos
  29. Get Fave
  30. My Huckleberry
  31. Yellowee
  32. Brownbook
  33. Magic Yellow
  34. CitySquares
  35. Map Creator
  36. Judy’s Book
  37. TripAdvisor
  38. Thumbtack
  39. YellowPagesGoesGreen.org
  40. Home Advisor
  41. ShowMeLocal
  42. ChamberofCommerce.com
  43. Yellowbot
  44. Hotfrog
  45. Brownbook
  46. InsiderPages
  47. Bizwiki
  48. Business Local Pages
  49. iBegin
  50. Opendi
  51. Sitejabber

Having Website Traffic Drop After Switching To HTTPS? Don’t Panic

Things to keep in mind if you are working on a website and have your traffic drop after switching to HTTPS

Before I continue I want to make sure I address two points to make sure we’re on the same page.
First, by switching to HTTPS/SSL security on your website, you will sometimes experience a drop in the amount of indexed urls you had.
Secondly, You should always consider implementing SSL on your website. As a matter of fact the earlier the better. While, it’s true that not all websites will need to have SSL implemented, but for those that are housing personal information such as a user login data, and e-mail MUST absolutely consider using SSL.

About a few months ago I started working on optimizing the traffic to one of my website and things started to turn around. People started to find and visit the website on a daily basis. I was getting pretty good amount of traffic for a brand new site.

Use Google Search Console

Using Google search console, I setup the site, and submitted my links regularly. Gradually over time I could see most of the links submitted were being indexed. Well, I have this feature that requires payment to be accepted on the site, therefore, I had to make sure the site was secured.

The traffic drop after switching to HTTPS in no time

After I switched the paid feature and switch on to HTTPS, I started noticing a drop in the organic traffic to the site.
So, I went straight to the Google Search Console to analyse the traffic, and indeed, when I check the coverage tab, It was reported that my website search results essentially dropped to almost zero with only 30 valid urls and 420 excluded.
[Add pic here]Google Search Console coverage report

I was curious to learn more about those 420 excluded links, when I drilled down more into this, I noticed about 307 of pages were being excluded due to “Page with redirect”.
Google search displaying coverage report of total links excluded from index

I researched the web about possible cause of that issue knowing that I recently updated the site from HTTP to HTTPS and I have never setup any 301 redirects on these urls.

Google search displaying coverage report of links that are no longer indexed

Start Tracking the correct domain

If you find yourself in the same situation don’t panic. The issue simple and easy fix. What happened was that Google was tracking the regular links on the site and a user lands on those pages, they are being redirected to the secured links. Therefore, those regular links are dropped from being indexed. However, Google still tracking the secured links. In order to view the report on them, all you have to do is add the secured url to Google search console. It should show the correct stats about your indexes.
Right after the update on the Google Search Console, I was able to re-index and track the https://domain and I could see that site is indeed still showing up in the searches.
Google search displaying coverage report of click and links indexed